0 Urine and Meconium

99% of newborns pass urine & Meconium in 1st 48hrs

If NO stools in 48hrs : Think of 

1. Hirschsprung Disease

  • Best test - Rectal Biopsy
  • Screening - Manometry (Ano-Rectal)

2. Cystic Fibrosis - Meconium Ileus

3. Anorectal Malformation (Imperforate Anus)

If NO Urine passed :

1. Bilateral Renal Agenesis

B/L Renal Agenesis - Maternal Oligohydroamnios - B/L Pulmonary Hypoplasia
This is Potter's Syndrome / Sequence

2. PUV (Posterior Uretheral Valve) - Therefore obstruction in males (Has same sequence as above)
    Near Verumentanum
USG - Bladder (Thick) - Sacculations , diverticulations ; B/L Hydroureteronephrosis

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