0 Drugs stop/continue before/during Surgery

Drugs to be stopped before surgery.
1. Oral hypoglycemic

              If Minor surgery – Omit morning dose

              If Major surgery – Switch to insulin 48hrs before , and then omit morning dose of
                                          insulin on day of surgery

2. OCP – Estrogen containing pills to be stooped 4 wks before surgery. (Progesterone only pills
                can be continued)

3. MAO inhibitors – discontinue 3 wks before Surgery

4. Oral Anticoagulant – Stop 1 wk before and switch to low molecular weight heparin (which is
                                       stopped 1 day before surgery)

5. Asprin – stop 48 – 72 hrs before

6. Lithium – stop 48 – 72 hrs before.

7. ACE Inhibitors.

Note: Smoking should be stopped 6wks before surgery. Even if not stopped then, it will still benefit if stopped 12hrs before surgery.

Drugs that can be continued.

  1. Levodopa 
  2. AntiHypertensive (except ACE inhibitors) 
  3. AntiAnginals (except Asprin) 
  4. AntiThyroid drugs. 
  5. Progesterone only pills 

STEROIDS : If patient took Steroid for > 1wk in last 1year – then intraop steroid replacement is necessary.

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