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MC cause of Non Union – Early Immobilization

Sudeck’s – Cooley’s

Early Mobilization


Dr.Archit Aggarwal

on 11/10/2012


ACLS not mentioned

ACLS Guidelines 
on 14/10/2012


 46. Gravid’s Tumor

46. Grawitz Tumor
 Dr.Anshu Warade
on 27/10/2012


6. Anatomical closure – 10 days

1-3 months (with valid reference)

on 05/11/2012


1. Normal Heart Size – TOF and TAPVC

 1. Normal Heart Size – TOF and TAPVC ( infracardiac form )

on 16/12/2012


New addition

 CD71 - Mesangial IgA1 receptor. Enhanced expression in Berger Disease(IgA nephropathy) and Henoch-Schönlein Nephritis

Dr.Archit Aggarwal
on 07/02/2013


 Less Information

 More info added

On 27/04/2013


 Article was not written

 Article added with pic

 Dr. Deepak Garg
On 25/05/2013


 Only names were written

 Important points and
 info added

 Dr. Deepak Garg
On 18/06/2013


136th one liner
"12 ATPs per Acetyl CoA"

10 ATPs per Acetyl CoA

Dr. Shakey Goyal
On 11/06/2014


Unilateral on right side, single point was mentioned

-- normal aortic arch with coarctation proximal to origin of left subclavian artery

On 28/10/2016


Fragile X Syndrome was mentioned

Fragile X syndrome removed from list

On 06/05/2017

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