1 Medical one liners 371 - 380

371. Metastases to thyroid gland is rare. Most common metastases to thyroid is from MELANOMA.

372. Most important point of differentiation between extradural hematoma (EDH) and subdural hematoma (SDH) - Is the ability of SDH to cross the suture lines whereas EDH does not cross suture line.
Though EDH is usually biconvex and SDH is usually concavo-convex BUT It is important to remember that even SDH can be biconvex.

373. Most common site of gastrointestinal lymphoma - Stomach.

374. The dripping candle wax sign or flowing candle wax is described in Melorheostosis which demonstrates sclerotic cortical thickening.

375. Oesophageal varices - are Submocosal.
        Gastric varices - are Subserosal.

376. Double decidual sac sign helps to distinguish between an early intrauterine pregnancy and a pseudogestational sac.
It is formed by decidua parietalis and decidua capsularis which form two concentric rings around the true gestational sac.

377. Nuchal translucency > 3 mm between 10-14 wks gestation has significant association with chromosomal abonormality.

378. Syndromes ass. with omphalocele
  • pentalogy of Cantrell
  • Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
379. USG signs of chorionicity
  • Lamda sign - Dichorionic twins
  • T sign - Monochorionic twins
380. With increase in kVp (keeping other factors constant), the radiation dose to patient increases.
Radiation dose is directly proportional to square of kVp.

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0 Chorion and Amnion

MCQ 165.

Q. Which of the following is not possible in twin pregnancy ?

a. Dichorionic diamniotic
b. Monochorionic diamniotic
c. Dichorionic monoamniotic
d. Monochorionic monoamniotic

Answer : C - Dichorionic monoamniotic
Dichorionic is always diamniotic.

MedicoNotebook - Founder : DrShiviMudgal , Co-Founder : DrAyushGoel
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