0 Consolidation in post-primary tuberculosis

MCQ 161

Q. Consolidation in post-primary tuberculosis almost never occurs in ?

a. Apical segment of upper lobe
b. Apical segment of lower lobe
c. Anterior segment of upper lobe
d. None of the above

Answer : C - Anterior segment of upper lobe

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0 Posterior shoulder dislocation

MCQ 160

Q. Which is the most common type of posterior shoulder dislocation ?

a. subacromial
b. subglenoid
c. subspinous
d. subcoracoid

Answer : A - Subacromial.
Subcoracoid is most common type of anterior shoulder dislocation.

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0 Neurocysticercosis - Stages

MCQ 159.

Q. Which of the following stage of neurocysticercosis shows maximum edema around the lesion on MRI ?

a. vesicular
b. colloidal vesicular
c. granular nodular
d. nodular calcified


Answer : B -  colloidal vesicular, 

  • Colloidal vesicular stage - is the most symptomatic stage and shows maximum edema. 
  • No edema/post contrast enhancement occurs in Vesicular and Calcified stages (though some authors say that minimal enhancement may be seen in vesicular stage)
  • Cyst with dot sign can be seen in both Vesicular and Colloidal vesicular stages 

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1 Medical One Liners 331 - 340

331. Strawberry shaped skull - seen in trisomy 18 (Edward syndrome).

332. H-shaped vertebra (also known as Lincoln log vertebra) - 10% cases of sickle-cell anaemia, occasionally Gaucher disease.

333. Fat ring sign or fat halo sign in messentry is seen in - Messenteric panniculitis

334. Aortic nipple sometimes seen on a Chest Xray PA view, is formed by left superior intercostal vein.

335. Most common Soft tissue sarcoma
  • Middle age and elderly - Malignant fibrous histiocytoma > liposarcoma > leiomyosarcoma >malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors(MPNST).
  • Younger individuals - Fibrosarcoma > Rhabdomyosarcoma > Synovial sarcoma > MPNST

336. Bilateral posterior iliac horns are considered pathognomonic for Fong's disease = Nail patella syndrome.

337. Bochdalek's hernia is mostly left sided because of protective effect from liver on the right.

338. Mini Brain sign is seen in Solitary Plasmacytoma - It is due to prominent thickened residual trabeculae seen in a solitary expansile bone lesion.

339. Tube ring sign on ultrasound is highly specific(95%) for tubal ectopic pregnancy.

340. Ring of fire sign on color doppler can be seen in Ectopic pregnancy and Corpus luteum cyst.

MedicoNotebook - Founder : DrShiviMudgal , Co-Founder : DrAyushGoel
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