1 Paragangliomas

Paraganglion is defined as non neuronal cell derived from the neural crest.


  • Chromaffin cells (Sympathetic paraganglion)
    • Pathology e.g.-  Pheochromocytoma
  • Non chromaffin cells (Para-sympathetic paraganglion) 
    • Pathology e.g.- Carotid body tumor, Glomus juglare, Glomus tympanicum
      • sometimes called Glomus tumors* ]

*Not to be confused with Glomangioma which are also called Glomus tumors: benign vascular tumors (75% in hand).

MedicoNotebook - Founder : DrShiviMudgal , Co-Founder : DrAyushGoel

0 Medical one liners 391 - 400

391. Bouquet of flowers appearance = paintbrush appearance - seen in Medullary sponge kidney on IVP.

392.Gallbladder ghost triad - seen sonographically in Biliary atresia
  • atretic gallbladder length <19 mm, 
  • thin or absent mucosal lining or indistinct wall, 
  • irregular gallbladder contour
393. Triangular cord sign : Sonographic sign showing > 4mm thickness of echogenic anterior wall of the right portal vein (EARPV) in cases of Biliary Atresia.

394. Omental cake can be seen in Metastases (most common) from ovarian, gastric or colon cancer, Tuberculous peritonitis and Lymphoma.

395. Absence of swallow tail sign - Parkinson's disease.

396. Aphthous ulcers are seen in Crohn's disease. They are NEVER seen in Ulcerative colitis.

397. Lobster claw sign: seen in papillary necrosis.

398. Manta ray sign seen in bladder exstrophy.

399. Eye of tiger sign seen in Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome.

400. Uterine choriocarcinoma can occur following molar pregnancy, abortion and even normal pregnancy.

MedicoNotebook - Founder : DrShiviMudgal , Co-Founder : DrAyushGoel
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