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MC cause of Non Union
Early mobilization
1st Clinical sign of union
Mineralized callus
MC cause of Pseudoarthrosis
MC compartment (VIC)  -
MC muscle -
MC cause -
Anterior Compartment forearm
Tight circumferential dressing / POP
MC cause of Sudeck’s
Colles’ fracture
MC association of carpel tunnel
MC presentation of Cong. Dislocation knee
MC extraskeletal manifestation of AS
Anterior Uveitis
MC gastroenteritis in <2year
Rotavirus (dsRNA Segmented)
MC Renal vascular anomaly
Supernumerary renal arteries
MC cysts in Spleen
Hydatid Cyst
MC infectious cause of Non Immune Hydrops Fetalis
MC type of Nasopharangeal Ca
MC infectious cause of Erythema Nodosum
MC site of sequestration
Left Lower lobe – posterior basal segment
MC renal artery stenosis
Young Female
Young female (Indian)

Fibromuscular dysplasia
Takayasu’s dis.
MC site of ectopic Pancreatic tissue
Stomach and Meckel’s diverticulum
MC site of accessory spleen
Splenic hilum and vesicular pedicle
MC motility disorder of oesophagus
Nut Cracker
MC point mutation in Beta Thallesemia
1.       In splicing region
2.       Promoter region
MC hodgkin’s Lymphoma
World – NS
India – Mixed
MC cause of steroid resistant Nephrotic
MC cause of primary hyperthyroid
1.       Bilateral cortical hyperplasia
2.       Adrenal adenoma
MC affected in Polio
Most Severely affected in Polio
Tibialis Anterior
MC esophageal Ca
India – Middle 1/3 (SCC)
World – Lower  1/3 ( Adeno)
MC primary malignant brain tumor in child
MC primary brain tumor in child
Pilocytic Astrocytoma
MC abdominal mass in newborn
MultiCystic Renal Dysplasia

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