2 Animals - chronically exposed to cold

Q. True regarding animals that are chronically exposed to cold ?

a)increased sympathetic stimulation

b)increases vagal action

c)increased insulin levels in blood

d)decreased blood supply to adipose

Ans A , exposure to cold, whether acute or chronic results in an increase in sympathetic stimulation.

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  1. Sir can u pls show the reference for this , because one of my Frnd was telling d answer as B

    1. Please see:
      B and C options can be considered on the deduction that the animal is a poikilotherm and hibernating or some such thing.
      Where does the question say this ?
      If we have to make a deduction then it shud be rather said that the animal is a mammal and the response in mammals is an increase in symapthetic activity and an increases in TRH (increase in TRH is doubtful in humans)

      So the answer still stands out to be A.
      Also ask your friend that if Option B is correct then why not option C too ?


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