1 Surgery points

1) Ideal time for surgery: 
                    undescended testes;  9-12months > 6months.. , but if b/l , then 1st testis at 6 months 
                    Cleft lip : 3-6 mont  
                    Cleft palate : 9 -18 months..

2) Most common benigh tumour of stomach- Now it is LEIOMYOMA

3) Best prognostic factor for Wilm's? - HISTOLOGY 

4) Any patient who is hemodynamically unstable (in abdominal or chest injury) or is rapidly deteriorating in head injury-- do immediate surgery .. craniotomy without CT... On the side where pupils dialtes first or Opposite to hemiparesis

5) Most common lung ca associated with pancost tumor-SQAMOUS CA

6) Treatment of choice for annular pancreas: duodenojejunostomy

1 comment:

  1. I got an anonymous reply which said DD (instead of DJ ) for annular pancreas

    This is not correct... Its DJ only

    For duodenal atresia- Duodenoduoenostomy.

    Annular pancreas can neither be divided nor isolated.. when we say D-D it means side to side D-D and not resection and anstoimosis.

    For Annular pancreas both can be done (Schwatrtz and sabiston have different answers)
    But conventionally Duodeno-jejunostomy is preferred!!


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