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MC complication of Nuclear Cataract
Subluxation of lens
MC complication of Cortical Cataract
Phacolytic Glaucoma
MC complication of steroid in eye
Oral – Cataract
Topical – Glaucoma
MC Radiation cataract
Posterior SubCapsular
MC eye involvement  in Marfan’s
Superior temporal Ectopia Lentis
Most prominent eye involvement in Marfan’s
Earliest Damage in Glaucoma
Arcuate fibers
MC cause of Malignant Glaucoma (T/t-Mydriatic)
MC site of GRFomas
1.       Lung (54%)
2.       Pancreas (30%)
MC cause of Secondary Lipid Keratopathy
Disciform Keratitis (herpes)
MC allergy in Phlyctanular KC
1.       Staph Aureus
2.       TB
MC cause of Ophthalmia Neonatorum
MC ocular manifestation of HIV
Microangiopathy (cotton wool spots)
MC opportunistic eye infection with HIV
CMV retinitis
MC malignant tumor of Lid
BCC (site – 1st common Lower Lid ,
 2nd common – Inner Canthus)
MC cause of U/L and B/L Proptosis
Thyroid (Grave’s)
MC intraocular Tumor Child
MC primary intraocular Tumor Adult
Choroidal Malig Melanoma
MC intra-orbital Tumor Child
MC primary intra-orbital Tumor Adult
Cavernous Hemangioma
MC age for Retinoblastoma
18 mths
MC mode of presentation of Retinoblastoma
MC metastatic orbital tumor in Child
MC Diabetic Retinopathy in

Factor – 1st Duration , 2nd Control of Blood Sugar
Type I (IDDM)
MC inheritance of RP (Ret.Pigmentosa)
AD (worst is X linked)
MC complication of Uveitis
Secondary Glaucoma
MC systematic association with Angioid Streaks
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum
MC cause of Vitreous Haemorrhage
Adults – Diabetes (Proliferative DR)
Young – Trachoma
MC clostridium difficile infection because of
1.       Cefalosporins III generation
2.       Clindamycin (Maximum potential to cause C.Dif infection)
Most abundant Collagen in Bone
Type I
MC pathological fracture
1.       DorsoLumbar Spine
2.       Neck Femur
3.       Lower End radius
MC cause of Pathological fracture
1.       Osteoporosis
2.       Osteomalacia
3.       Malignancy
MC Salter Haris
Type II , 2nd MC Type IV

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