3 Active managment of 3rd stage of labour

1. Which of the following is not included in active managment of 3rd stage of labour?
A..administration of uterotonic within 1min of delivery.
B. immediate clamping, cutting n ligation.
C.Gen massage of uterus
d.controlled cord traction

2. Active management of 3rd stage of labour include all except ?
A.oxytocin injection
b.ergometrine inj.
C.controlled cord traction
d.gentle massage of uterus

1. B
2. D


  1. there are 2 gideline about active m/m of 3rd stage of labour

    first- WHO GUIDELINE: (old)
    A) uterotonic(oxytocin/ergometrine) to be given immediately after ant.shoulder delivery
    b) early clamping and cutting of cord
    c)controlled cord traction
    d) no uterine massage

    second- FIGO GUIDELINE (new)
    A) uterotonic(oxytocin/ergometrine) to be given immediately after ant.shoulder delivery
    B)controlled cord traction
    C) uterine massage

    [note: in FIGO there is no clause for early cord clamping]

    now what the question comes, usually all the question comes in A/E format.

    A) Which of the following interventions is not recommended in the active mgmt of 3rd stage labour ???
    1)uterotonic within 1minute of delivery
    2)immediate clamping, cutting and ligation of cord
    3)gentle massage of uterus
    4)controlled cord traction

    ANSWER: when nothing specifies in the question which guideline to follow, then go for FIGO GUIDELINE SO ANSWER HERE WILL BE 2.

    B)Active management of third stage of
    labor includes all of the following except:
    A. Oxytocin injection
    B. Ergometrine injection
    C. Controlled cord traction
    D. Gentle massage of uterus

    ANSWER: NOW HERE ALSO ITS NOT SPECIFYING WHICH guideline to follow, but if u see clearly the options, all are seen in FIGO GUIDELINES BUT 4th OPTION IS NOT SEEN IN WHO GUIDELINE, that means they frame the question on basis of WHO GUIDELINE. so here answer is OPTION 4, Because it is not present in WHO guideline of active M/M of 3rd stage of labour.

    C)Management of third stage of labour all Except
    A controlled cord traction
    B oxytocin iv
    C early cord clamping
    D iv methergin


  2. so basically early clamping of cord > uterine massage?

  3. Please read the 1st comment of this post too. You will understand


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