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MC site of Gumma (Tert. Syphilis)
Lower Legs
Earliest Lesion in Early Congenital Syphilis
VesiculoBullous (Syphilitic Pemphigus)
MC feature in Late Congenital Syphilis
Interstitial  Keratitis
1st to be positive in Syphilis
MC Genital Wart / C.Accuminata
HPV 6 , 11
MC infectious cause of Erythema Nodosum
Beta Haemolytic Streptococcus
MC leprosy in India
MC nerve injury during Thyroid Surgery
Superior Laryngeal Nerve
MC cause of U/L Vocal cord Paralysis
Ca Bronchus
MC congenital Laryngeal Anomaly
MC Ca Larynx
Squamous cell Ca – Glottic
MC Tracheostomy
Mid (2,3,4 tracheal ring)
MC Sinusitis
Child – Ethmoid
Adult – Maxillary
MC Sinusitis complicated with Osteomyelitis
Child – Maxillary
Adult – Frontal (Pott’s Puffy Tumor)
1st Sinus to develop
1.       Maxillary
2.       Ethmoid
3.       Sphenoid
4.       Frontal (6year after birth)
MC sinus Malignancy
MC sinus Osteoma , and Mucocele
MC cause of CSF Rhinorrhoea
Fracture Ethmoid
MC fracture face
1.       Nasal Bone
2.       Zygomatic
MC Site in Oral Ca
World – Ca Tongue
India – Buccal Mucosa Ca
MC ossicle eroded in CSOM
Long process of Incus
MC part of facial Nerve injured during MRM
1.       Verticle Segment
2.       Genu
MC part of Nerve damaged in Unsafe CSOM
Horizontal Segment
MC otogenic brain abcess
1.       Temporal lobe
2.       Cerebellum
MC site for malignancy in Hypopharynx
Pyriform Sinus
1st Sign of Cavernous thrombosis
Ophthalmoplegia of Lateral Rectus (6th nerve)
MC type of phacomatosis
MC cause of Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism in Males
Klinefelter’s Synd.
MC urethral Ca
Bulbomembranous Part (Squamous cell ca)
MC malignancy in Child
1.       ALL
2.       Brain Tumors
MC Solid tumor in child---------------------------
MC extracranial Solid tumor in Child--------------
MC Congenital Cataract
Blue Dot
MC Congenital Cataract with diminution of Vision
Lamellar / Zonular
MC cataract in Congenital Rubella Synd
Nuclear Pearly


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