5 Optic Atrophy Simplified


                    Primary                                   Secondary                            Consecutive (ConseQtive)

eg:            M N O                                P                             QR

     Multiple Sclerosis                                     Papilitis                                Retinitis Pigmentosa
     Neurosyphilis                                            Papiloedema                        
     Optic disc - traumatic avulsion

Optic disc          C                                D                           PARTY
                        Chalky white                             Dirty White                             Pale Waxy


  1. Sir how do u think all these things? Awesome ! thanks a ton

  2. hey hey!! this is a very nice website here and I just wanted to comment & say that you've done a great job here! Very nice choice of colors & layout, very easy on the eyes.. Nicely done!…

  3. Amazing , this is just pure genius. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks everyone for the appreciation. We would try our best to bring out more ways to make the medical study interesting and easy.


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