0 Mallampati classification

In anesthesia, the Mallampati score, also Mallampati classification, is used to predict the ease of intubation.

Modified Mallampati Grading :

O - Visualize tip of epiglottis.
I - Uvula with its tip
II - Uvula without tip
III - Only Soft Palate
IV - No Soft Palate

Normal Thyromental Distance  >6.5 cm
Normal Sternomantal Distance > 12.5 cm

The Mallampati classification is a method to assess the tongue size in relation to the size of the oropharynx.  

The test is performed by having the patient sit with their head in the neutral position, and then open their mouth as wide as possible and protrude the tongue as far as possible.  

They should not phonate, as this can elevate the soft palate and alter the view.  

A Class 3 or 4 view may be associated with difficult laryngoscopy.

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