0 Hypothermia in Newborn

Hypothermia in Newborn :

Grading based on Core Temperature (i.e temperature of Middle ear or Oesophagus)
Normal Core body temp. - 36.5 - 37.5 degree C
Rectal Temperature is close to it.

36 - 36.5 -- Cold Stress (Abdomen warm , Soles Cold ) -- Do Kangaroo Mother Tech.
32 - 36 ---- Moderate Hypothermia
< 32 ------- Severe Hypothermia

In Hypothermia < 36 - Admit NICU

Normal Baby - Abdomen Warm , Sole Warm and Pink.

All Newborns have NON-Shivering Thermogenesis -- Brown fat

Brown Fat - ( Fatty Acid Oxidation - Generate heat - distributed by Blood Vessels)
  • Nape of Neck
  • InterScapular area
  • Around Kidneys and adrenals

Q. Mechanism of Heat transfer in Over head Radiant Warmer ?

Ans : Convection

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