0 Neonatal Reflexes

1. Moro Reflex 

(A response to a sudden loss of support, when the infant feels as if it is falling.)
  • Appears - 28 - 32 wks
  • Fully developed - 37 wks
  • Disappear at around 3 months
  • Abnormal If persists >6months

1st Phase
Abduction at shoulder , Extension at elbow , Opening of fingers

2nd Phase (37 wks)
Adduction at shoulder , Flexion at elbow

Prolonged in Cerebral Palsy

Exaggerated in Birth asphyxia

Asymmetric in- 
a. # humerus , clavicles
b. Erb's Palsy
c. Spastic hemiplegia

2. Grasp Reflex 
Followed by Shoulder traction

Onset - 28 wks
Fully developed - 32 wks
Disappear at 12wks(3months) of age.

3. Sucking and Rooting reflex 

Appear at 32wks
Co-ordinated at 34 wks

Therefore child >34 wks or >1.8 Kg Birth weight can breastfeed.

<32 wks -> Nasogastric expressed breast milk
32 - 34 wks -> Catori , spoon , Paladay

4. Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR) 

Occiput side - flexed
Side facing - extended

Appears - 35 wks
Fully developed - 1 month life

Stays for 6-7 months

Thus rolling of child - approx. 6 months (when ATNR disappears)

5. Symmetrical TNR 

If extend head of a newborn -
Tone increases in UL and decreases in LL

If Flex head of newborn
Tone decrease in all 4 limbs

It is the Most difficult Neonatal reflex to elicit

Disappears at 6-7 months

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