2 MN FB page MCQs 91-100

91. Closed circuit with low flow anaesthesia should not be used with ?
a. Sevoflurane
b. Isoflurane
c. Halothane
d. Desflurane

92. All are used to decrease ICP except ?
a. Thiopentone
b. Propofol
c. Mannitol
d. Hypoventilation

93. Cryoprecipitate includes all except ?
a. Von willebrand factor
b. Factor 9
c. Factor 8
d. Factor 13

94. All of the following cross the right ureter anteriorly except ?
a. Terminal Ileum
b. Genitofemoral nerve
c. Vas deferens
d. Right Colic artery and ileocolic artery

95. Derivatives of pharyngeal arches are all except ?
a. Orbicularis Oculi
b. Tensor tympani
c. Levator palpebrae superioris
d. Palatine tonsil

96. True about Valve of houston ?
a. Disappear after mobilization of rectum
b. Upper valve at anterior peritoneal reflection
c. Middle valve towards right side
d. Valves have all layers of muscle wall

97. The preganglionic parasympathetic fibers to the parotid gland travel in
a. Lesser petrosal nerve
b. Great petrosal nerve
c. Deep petrosal nerve
d. Internal carotid nerve

98. Sensation over index finger is supplied by:
a. c6
b. c7
c. c8
d. t1

99. In the fracture of middle cranial fossa, absence of tears would be due to lesion in:
A. Trigeminal ganglion
B. Greater petrosal nerve
C. Ciliary ganglion
D. Cervical ganglion

100. Sensory supply of the peripheral part of diaphragm is:
A. Phrenic nerve
B. Lower six Intercostal nerves
C. Thoracodorsal nerve
D. Upper six Intercostal nerves

ANSWERS 91 -100:
91a , 92d , 93b , 94b , 95c , 96a , 97a , 98a , 99b ,100 b


  1. MCQ 100
    Sensory nerve supply:
    The parietal pleura and peritoneum covering the central surfaces of the diaphragm is by phrenic nerve.
    peripheral part by lower 6 intercostal nerves


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