0 Hypoglycemia in Infants

Hypoglycemia in Infants

Blood sugar : <40mg/dl

  1. Inadequate feeding
  2. Inadequate stores (Preterm , IUGR)
  3. Sepsis
  4. Galactosemia
  5. Polycythemia
  6. HyperInsulin (Infant of diabetic mother) 
Pedersen Hypothesis :
In Maternal diabetes - high glucose passes to fetus - Thus fetus' Beta cell undergo hyperplasia and increases Insulin.

Thus tell mother to do frequent feeding and we have to do frequent monitoring.

Treatment :
IV dextrose - Start with glucose infusion 3-5mg/kg/min
IM Glucagon (short term measure to tide over hypoglycemia)

  • Peripheral Vein : till 12.5% glucose can be given. 
  • Central Vein (Umblical vein) : if >12.5% glucose to be given.

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