0 MN FB page MCQs 101 - 110

101. An alert 6 month old child is brought with vomiting & diarrhea. RR-45/min,HR-180/min, SBP-85 mm of Hg. Extremities are cold & mottled. Capillary refilling time is 4 secs. Diagnosis is : ?
a. Early (compensated) shock caused by hypovolemia
b. Early (compensated)shock caused by supraventricular tachycardia
c. Late (decompensated) shock caused by hypovolemia
d. Late (decompensated) shock caused by supraventricular tachycardia

102. IMNCI defers from IMCI by all except
a. Malaria & anemia are included
b. 0-7 days neonates are included
c. Sick neonates are preferred over sick older child
d. Treatment is aimed at more than 1 disease at a time

103. A patient brought in unconscious state with external injuries. CT is normal with no midline shift and ventricles are normal. Multiple small hemorhages are seen at the base of the brain. Diagnosis is
a. Subarachnoid hemorrhage
b. Diffuse axonal injuries
c. Concussion
d. Contusion

104. Paradoxical aciduria (the excretion of acid urine in the presence of metabolic alkalosis) may occur in the presence of
a. Release of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone
b. Severe crush injury
c. Acute tubular necrosis
d. Gastric outlet obstruction

105. Causes of pulseless electrical activity include all except 
a. Pneumothorax
b. Pulmonary embolism
c. Intracranial hemorrhage
d. Pericardial tamponade

106. Insulin secretion is inhibited by
C.Growth hormone

107. Hypogastric sheath is a condensation of
A. Scarpa's facia
B. Colle's fascia
C. Pelvic fascia
D. Inferior layer of urogenital diaphragm

108. Adder head or cobra head appearance is associated to ?
a. Hydrocele
b. Testicular tomuour
c. Penile cancer
d. Ureterocele

109. Hypoplastic Left heart syndrome is treated by 
A. Fontan procedure
B. Norwood procedure
C. Catheter balloon septoplasty
D. No effective treatment.

110. Which of the following is not a DNA virus?
A. Adenovirus
B. Calicivirus
C. Papovirus
D. Poxvirus

ANSWERS 101-110 :
101 a , 102 d , 103 b , 104 d , 105 c , 106 b , 107 c , 108 d , 109 b , 110 b.

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