0 Normal Neonatal Phenomenons

Normal Neonatal Phenomenons

1. Milia - (distended sebaceous glands) white spots on face , nose

2. Erythema Toxicum - (day 2 - 3 life ) erythematous macules on face and trunk

3. Stork Bites - (Capillary Hemangiomas) Pinkish greyish

4. Epstein pearl - (epithelial inclusion cyst) - Palat and perpuce , white spots

5. Natal teeth - (predeciduous teeth - lower incisor position)

  • if interfere in feeding - remove them
  • are loose therefore risk of aspiration
6. Withdrawal vaginal bleed - (on 5 - 7 day) Because of withdrawal of maternal hormones.

7. All newborns loose weight 
  • Term - can loose 10% Birth weight and regain BW by 7-10 days
  • PreTerm - can loose 15% , take 2wks to regain
No Phase of Weight Loss in IUGR babies.

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