0 Hypocalcemia in Infants

Hypocalcemia in Infants

Normal Serum Calcium : 9 - 11mg/dl

Hypocalcemia - S. Calcium <7mg/dl ( ionized Ca - <4mg/dl or < 1 mmol/l )

Early Onset ( <72hrs)
Late Onset ( >72hrs)
Cause :
Birth Asphyxia
Infant of diabetic mother

Feeding with phosphate rich milk (cow milk)

100ml Cow milk
Phosphate – 100mg
Calcium – 118mg

Good Ca/Po4 ratio is 2:1

100ml Breast Milk
Phosphate - 15mg
Calcium - 35 mg

Therefore Breast milk is good Calcium supplement and so no late onset hypocalcemia

Cerelac (Docosahexanoic acid , Omega 3 EFA - for brain and eye )
has Ca/Po4 >2

Clinical Features :
  • Tremors
  • Jitteriness (Can be stopped by passive limb restriction)
  • Seizures
  • No Tetany 

Treatment : IV calcium

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