0 IUGR Types

 Intra Uterine Growth Retardation Types :

 MC in west
MC in India
Cause : Chromosome Abnormality

Maternal Complication
  1. Decreased Cell Number
  2. Cell size decreased/normal
  3. Brain size decreased

  1. Cell number Normal
  2. Cell size decreased
  3. Head size normal (Head Sparing = Brain sparing)

Therefore HC > CC by >3cm

Ponderal Index (PI) =
{ Weight (g) / Length3 (cm) } x 100

Here PI > 2 (also in Normal babies)

PI < 2

Normal HC/AC

  • is >1 -at-- 32wks
  • is =1 -at-- 32-34 wks
  • is <1 -at-- >34wks
But in asymmetrical IUGR -- HC / AC remains High (because HC is spared)

Normal FL/AC is aprrox = 22 after 21 wks till term.
In asymmetrical IUGR it increases >23.5 as FL is not affected in asymmetrical IUGR

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