0 Stellate ganglion block

Stellate-ganglion block :
The stellate ganglion (or cervicothoracic ganglion or inferior cervical ganglion) is a sympathetic ganglion formed by the fusion of the inferior cervical ganglion and the first thoracic ganglion. Stellate ganglion is located at the level of C7.

Although located at C7 , the needle is inserted at the level of anterior tubercle of transverse process of C6 ( Chassaignac tubercle ) to avoid the piercing the pleura.

Used for upper extremity sympathetic dystrophies.

Signs of successful block :
  1. Horner's syndrome (miosis , ptosis , enophthalmos)
  2. Conjunctival Congestion
  3. Nasal Stuffiness ( Guttmann's Sign )
  4. Mueller's syndrome - injection of tympanic membrane and warmth of face.
  5. Vasodilatation
  6. Skin temperature increase.
MCQ point : NO Bradycardia

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