3 Edwards Syndrome

Edwards Syndrome :

  • Trisomy 18 {2nd MC trisomy after Down's syndrome(21) }
  • Mental Retardation 
  • Micrognathia
  • Low set ears
  • Clenched fist with Overlapping fingers (Index overlying the 3rd and 4th ; Fifth overlying the 4th ) 
  • Polyhydroamnios
  • Hypotonia followed by Hypertonia
  • Single umblical arteries

It has been found that many features overlap in Different Trisomies and when a question comes in exam then we need to catch the typical features.
Down's Syndrome is one which most of the people easily make out.

To help remember Edwards syndrome , Mnemonic story by DrAyushGoel :

  • Imagine a baby in mother's uterus who is holding the alphabet E (Edwards) with Clenched fist and Fingers are overlapping. 
  • This E is like a knuckle with which baby starts to warm up slowly (Hypotonia) for boxing in utero.
  • Later the baby is more energetic and boxes very fast (Hypertonia)
  • For this boxer baby , the Mother( as always Goddess for the baby ) makes some space for the baby to do boxing (Polyhydroamnios)
  • Now imagine what kind of baby would hit/do boxing in a mother's womb : Definitely he/she is Mentally Retarded.


  1. Amazing story mnemonic. Thanks

  2. Sir you are just the best ,,, lots of good wishes to you
    You really rockkkk


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