0 MN FB page MCQs 81-90

81. All of the following act on GABA receptors except ?
a. Thiopentone
b. Propofol
c. Ketamine
d. Midazolam

82. Combination of Droperidol and fentanyl is ?
a. Used for long surgeries
b. N2O is contraindicated with combination
c. also called TIVA
d. is called Neurolept Analgesia

83. Which of the following is true ?
a. MRI is superior to CT at demonstrating extracerebral fluid collections.
b. Acute cerebral haemorrhage (<3days) appear hyperintense on T2 weighted MRI.
c. Old cerebral hematoma (weeks to months) will appear hypointense on T2 weighted MRI with a thin rim of hyperintensity.
d. All of the above statements are false.

84. A Lower Segment Caesarean section (LSCS) can be carried out under all the following techniques of anaesthesia except:
A. General anaesthesia
B. Spinal anaesthesia
C. Caudal anaesthesia
D. Combined Spinal Epidural anaesthesia

85. The following are used for treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting following squint surgery in children except:
A. Ketamine
B. Ondansetron
C. Propofol
D. Dexamethasone

86. The most appropriate circuit for ventilating spontaneously breathing infant during anaesthesia
A. Jackson Rees modification of Ayre T piece
B. Mapleson A or MgiIl’s circuit
C. Mapleson C or Waters’ to and fro canister
D. Bains circuit

87. The following modes of ventilation may be used for weaning off patients from mechanical ventilation except:
A. Controlled Mechanical ventilation (CMV)
B. Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV)
C. Pressure support ventilation (PSV)
D. Assist-control ventilation (ACV)

88. Induction agent of choice for LMA insertion ?
a. Thiopentone
b. Halothane
c. Propofol
d. Althesin

89. Propofol infusion syndrome consists of all except ?
a. Nephropathy
b. Acute cardiomyopathy
c. Skeletal myopathy
d. Metabolic acidosis

90. Which of the following cause least resperatory depression ?
a. Thiopentone
b. Ketamine
c. Propofol
d. Enflurane

ANSWERS ( 81-90 ):
81c , 82d , 83a , 84c , 85a , 86a , 87a , 88c , 89a , 90b

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