0 MN fb page MCQs (71-80)

71. Keloid is an abnormal amount of which collagen ?
a. Type I
b. Type II
c. Type III
d. Type IV

72. All are true about parathyroid hormone except :
a. it is an 84 amino acid peptide hormone
b. it increases calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tract
c. it acts on a cell surface receptor that decreases intracellular cyclic AMP
d. it increases calcium release from bone

73. “Crazy Paving” appearance on HRCT can be seen in
a. Alveolar Proteinosis
b. Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia
c. acute respiratory distress syndrome [ARDS]
d. All of the above.

74. Lower limb buds bulge from the lateral aspect of which segments of the trunk ?
a. C5-T1
b. T7-L2
c. L1-S5
d. L2-S2

75. Which of the following is does not have a CAG repeat
a. Huntington disease
b. Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy
c. Haw River syndrome
d. Myotonic dystrophy

76. Pallister-Killian Syndrome has been associated to which chromosome ?
a. 11
b. 12
c. 13
d. 14

77. Which of the following drugs is not given in AIDS?
a. Rifampicin
b. Ethambutol
c. Thioacetazone
d. INH

78. Subarachnoid space extends to the region of the lower border of ?
a. L2
b. L4
c. S2
d. S4

79. Nerve fiber’s order of sensitivity to Local anaesthetic is ?
a. A>B>C
b. B>C>A
c. C>B>A
d. C>A>B

80. Which of the following fiber (numerical classification) is unmyelinated ?
a. I b
b. II
c. III
d. IV

ANSWERS (71-80):
71c , 72c , 73d , 74d. , 75d , 76b , 77c , 78c , 79a (ref: click here) , 80d.

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