0 NDMR (some more points)

Non-depolarizing Muscle relaxants :

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Drugs which antagonize the NDMR block :
  1. Phenytoin
  2. Carbamazepine
  3. Calcium

Reversal of Block by :

1. Neostigmine
  • does not cross BBB
  • Muscarinic side effects - therefore give Atropine along with it.
2. Edrophonium
  • Short duration of action (therefore chances of recurarization)
3. Pyridostigmine
  • Longer duration

Signs of Adequate reversal :
  1. Lift head for >5sec - Best Clinical Sign
  2. Regular respiration
  3. Spontaneous eye opening
  4. Spontaneous Limb movements
  5. Can protrude tongue
  6. Able to cough
  7. No Cyanosis

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