0 Propofol

Propofol = 2,6- diisopropyl phenol

1% / 2% emulsion in a lipid vehicle containing soybean oil, egg lecithin, and glycerol.
therefore - bacterial growth (thus discard after 6hrs)
Only IV use.

Pain on injection which can be decreased by :

  1. injecting in larger vein.
  2. Mixing with lignocaine
  3. by cooling propofol
Other points:

  • Recovery is rapid and clear (Therefore DOC for Day Care Surgery)
  • Hepatic and Extrahepatic (Lungs) clearance.
  • Decrease BP and Decrease Heart rate ( propofol blunts carotid body receptor response & hence no compensatory increase in heart rate)
  • Causes maximum depression of upper airway reflexes (therefore DOC - for LMA insertion)
  • Antiemitic & Antipruritic
  • No anticonvulsant.
  • Decrease IOP.(intraoccular pressure)
  • AntiOxidant
  • DOC in hepatic disease/Liver transplant (because it can be metabolized extrahepatic too.)
  • Potentiates NMDR and fentanyl.
  • DOC in Acute intermittent porphyria (here Thiopentone is Contraindicated)

Propofol Infusion syndrome :
Triad of
  • Metabolic Acidosis
  • Skeletal Myopathy
  • Acute Cardiomyopathy
On prolonged infusion (>48hrs) of high dose in child.
Occurs due to failure of metabolism of free fatty acids.

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