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21. The age of a 15-year old female is best derermind by the rediograph of :
a. Lower end of Radius and Ulna
b. Upper end of humerus
c. Upper end of Radius and Ulna
d. Xiphisternum

22. Sodium fluoride is used for preservation :.
a. Urine
b. Blood
c. Alchohal
d. Carbonic acid

23. Maximum congestion is seen in :
a. Choking
b. Hanging
c. Strangulation
d. Drowning

24. In freshwater drowning the death occurs within 4-5 minutes of submersion due to
ventricular fibrillation . Which of the following reasons is responsible for this ?
a. Total asphyxia produced due to fresh water
b. Laryngospasm causing vagal inhibition
c. Haemoconcentration of blood caused by the osmotic pressure effect
d. Haemodilution, overloading of heart and haemolysis resulting in release of potassium

25. Bevelling of the skull is seen in the :
a. Brod end of the entry point in bullet injury
b. Narrow end of the entry point in bullet injury
c. Exit point of bullet
d. Depressed fracture of the skull

26. Which of the following is required forcrystallization and storage of thehormone insulin?

27. The digestive enzymes of cellularcompounds are confined to
(B) Ribosomes
(D) Polysomes

28. Fatty acids can be transported into and out of cell membrane by
(A)Active transport
(B) Facilitated transport
(D) Osmosis

29. Heat rupture is characterized by
a. irregular margin
b. regular margin
c. clotted blood
d. clotted blood vessel

30. Middle mediastinal nodes drain all except ?
a. Lungs
b. Bronchi
c. Right Heart
d. Visceral Pleura

ANSWERS 21-30 :
21c , 22c , 23c , 24d , 25c , 26d , 27a , 28b , 29a , 30c

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