0 Benzodiazepines


Barbiturates produce their pharmacological effects by increasing the duration of chloride ion channel opening at the GABAA eceptor (pharmacodynamics: This increases the efficacy of GABA), 
Benzodiazepines increase the frequency of the chloride ion channel opening at the GABAA receptor (pharmacodynamics: This increases the potency of GABA).

Diazepam : Oil based , IM painful

Midazolam : Water Soluble , can be used as Anticonvulsant
                      It is the 1st drug to decrease seizures in ICU.

Awakening due to redistribution.

CVS : Minimal CVS depression.

Respiratory syatem : decrease Ventilatory response to CO2

  • Diazepam : Retrograde Amnesia
  • Midazolam : Anterograde Amnesia

They decrease MAC by 30%

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