0 FB Page MCQs (11-20)

11. Highest concentration of potassium is seen in:
a. Rectum
b. Pancreatic juice
c. Illeal secretions
d. Bile

12. Chest X-Ray taken in the position shown in image will be ? Click here for image
a. AP
b. PA
c. Left antero oblique (LAO)
d. Right antero oblique (RAO)

13. A positive Rumpel leede test is suggestive of
a. brucellosis
b. lyme's disease
c. rocky mountain fever
d. erysipelas

14. Which of the following is a proinflammatory mediator of shock?

15. A cognizable offence signifies :
a. Imprisonment upto 2 year
b. Imprisonment upto 5 year
c. Arrest without warrant
d. Fine upto Rs. 10,000

16. Which of the following section of IPC are concerned with dowry death :
a. 300`
b. 302
c. 304A
d. 304B

17. When extracellular k+ is increased from 4 meq to 10 meq what will happen?
a.RMP becomes more negative
b.increase in sodium conductance
c.increase in potassium conductance
d.Na-K ATP ase will be stopped

18. Muscle relaxant not metabolized in human body ?

19. Breur lockhart reflex is seen during ?
a)anal dilatation
b)gut resection
c)ocular muscle manipulation

20. MIESCHERS GRANULOMA is seen in histopathology of ?
1.erythema nodosum.
2.erythema induratum..
3.nodular vasculitis.
4.erythema marginatum

ANSWERS 11-20 :
11a , 12d , 13c , 14b , 15c , 16d , 17b , 18b , 19d , 20a

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