0 Ketamine

Ketamine (Phencyclidine derivative):

Dissociative anaesthesia i.e dissociates thalamus from limbic system.

Metabolized in Liver to Nor-Ketamine (this also has anaesthetic potency)

CVS : 
  • Increase HR, BP and Cardiac Output. (Therefore DOC for Hypovolumic shock patients)
  • Myocardial O2 demand increases -- therefore avoid in Ishaemic heart disease , Hypertention and aortic aneurysm.

Respiratory system : 
  • Minimal effect
  • Potent Bronchodialator (therefore agent of choice in Asthma)
  • Maintain upper airway reflex (therefore DOC for Full stomach patients)
  • increases salivation (thus Anticholinergics are given to reduce this)

  • Increase cerebral O2 consumption (therefore contraindicated in Space occupying lesion and Head injury)
  • Increases ICT
  • causes hallucinations (decreased by BZDs)
  • causes increase in IntraOccular Pressure (therefore Contraindicated in Glaucoma patients)
  • NDMR are potentiated by ketamine.

Strongly analgesic. Therefore - Other uses:
  • Field Anaesthesia
  • Short surgical procedures
  • Burn dressings

Blue Colour : USE
Red Colour : NOT

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