0 FB Page MCQs (41-50)

41. Which one of the following arteries pierce the oblique popliteal ligament of the knee joint:
a. Medial superior genicular artery
b. Lateral superior genicular artery
c. Middle genicular artery
d. Posterior tibial artery.

42. The following structures are attached to the greater tuberosity of the humerus except ?
a. Supraspinatus muscle
b. The coracohumeral ligament
c. Teres minor muscle
d. Subscapularis muscle

43. Muscle that can extend the index finger at the interphalangeal joint include all except ?
a. The first dorsal inerosseous
b. The first lumberical
c. The second palmar interosseous
d. Extensor carp radialis longus

44. Ulnar nerve injury at wrist spares which muscle :
a. Opponens possicis
b. Palmar interossei
c. Dorsal interossei
d. Adductor pollicis

45. The rectus sheath contains all of the following except:
a. Pyramidalis muscle
b. Genitofemoral nerve
c. Inferior epigastric
d. Superior epigastric vessels

46. Alderman’s nerve is a branch of :
a. Superior cervical ganglion
b. Inferior cervical ganglion
c. Auricular branch of vagus nerve
d. None of these

47. Major component of Soda lime is ?
a. Calcium hydroxide
b. Sodium hydroxide
c. Potasium hydroxide
d. Barium hydroxide.

48. Metalloproteins help in jaundice by the following mechanism:
A. Increased glucoronyl transferase activity
B. Inhibit heme oxygenase
C. Decrease RBC lysis
D. Increase Y and Z receptors

49. After 5 days of fasting, a man undergoes oral GTT. True is all except:
A. Growth hormone levels are increased
B. Increased glucose tolerance
C. Decreased insulin levels
D. Glucagon levels are increased

50. Albumin contributes the maximum to oncotic pressure because it has:
A. High molecular weight, low concentration
B. Low molecular weight, low concentration
C. High molecular weight, high concentration
D. Low molecular weight, high concentration

ANSWERS 41-50 :
41c , 42d , 43d , 44d , 45b , 46c , 47a , 48b , 49b , 50d

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