1 Biphasic pattern on histology

Biphasic pattern” on histology is seen in which tumor:
a. Rhabdomyosarcoma
b. Synovial cell sarcoma
c. Osteosarcoma
d. Neurofibroma

Correct Ans : B

Other biphasic tumors are Epithelioid sarcoma, Mesothelioma
Triphasic tumor is Wilms' tumor

Lets see why most people think osteosarcoma here--
Osteosarcoma shows Biphasic Pattern of "INCIDENCE" , its not the histology.
A biphasic pattern of incidence of osteosarcoma has been observed; peaks have been noted among adolescents (rapid growth of long bones) and in the elderly (secondary tumors arising in association with Paget disease or within previously irradiated tissue).

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  1. i too thought osteosarcoma :P thanks for clearing


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