0 ET tubes

ET tubes

Red Rubber
Higher tendency to kink
Lesser tendency to kink
Low Volume High Pressure Cuff
High Volume Low Pressure Cuff
Radio-opaque line (for X-ray detection).
Kept for short duration hence less sore throat
Kept for long duration hence more incidence of sore throat
Increased chance of injury

Murphy eye + (allows ventilation in the event of obstruction of the end of the tube.)


In Child : Uncuffed tubes are used.

MC Size : 

  • Adult Male  8 & 8.5
  • Adult Female 7.5 & 8
Other Tubes :

1.      RAE Tube - for cleft lip & palate

2.      Spiral embedded tube / flexometallic tube / armored tube – 
  • For head and neck surgeries
  • Spine surgeries
  • Surgeries in Prone position.

3.      Robert shaw and carlin's tube (double lumen) – for cardiothoracic surgeries (here only single lung ventilation.)

4.      Cole Tube – in Children 

Narrowest part of Child's airway : Subglottic.

Narrowest part of Adult's airway : Glottic Opening.

MC cause of hypoxia in single lung ventilation : Malpositioning of tube.

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