0 MN FB MCQs (51-60)

51. A patient with pneumonia for 5 days is admitted to the hospital. He suddenly ceases to recognize the doctor and staff. He thinks that he is in jail and complains of scorpions attacking him. He is in an altered sensorium. This condition is most likely:
A. Acute delirium
B. Acute schizophrenia
C. Acute dementia
D. Acute paranoia

52. A 32 years old male presents with abdominal pain and vomiting. He also complains of some psychiatric symptoms and visual hallucinations. Most likely diagnosis is:
A. Intermittent Porphyria
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Hyperthyroidism
D. Hysteria

53. A person missing from home, is found wandering purposefully. He is well groomed, and denies of having amnesia. Most likely diagnosis is:
A. Dissociative fugue
B. Dissociative amnesia
C. Schizophrenia
D. Dementia

54. Bilirubin is secreted by:
A. Bile salts
B. Bile pigment
C. Secretin

55. Most important stimulant for bile secretion is:
A. Cholecystokinin
B. Secretin
C. Bile acid
D. Bile salts

56. Gall bladder contraction is stimulated by:
A. Gastrin
B. Secretin
C. Vagus
D. Cholecystokinin

57. On CXR, all are true except. ?
a.Normally there is less than 5 mm of soft tissue lateral to anterior segment bronchus of upper lobe.
b.Anterior segment bronchus of upper lobe is seen as a ring adjacent to upper hilum.
c.Air can be identified within the proximal bronchi but normal bronchial walls are only seen end-on.
d.In 80 % of subjects the left hilum is higher than the right and in 20 % they are at same level.

58. Which headache is commonest among the following :
a. Migraine
b. Cluster
c. Idiopathic stabbing
d. Exertional

59. All of the following are features of prematurity in a neonate, except:
A. No creases on sole.
B. Abundant lanugo.
C. Thick ear cartilage.
D. Empty scrotum.

60. A normally developing 10 month old child should be able to do all of the following except :
a. Stand alone.
b. Play peek a boo.
c. Pick up a pellet with thumb and index finger.
d. Build a tower of 3-4 cubes.

ANSWERS 51-60:
51a , 52a , 53a , 54a , 55d , 56d , 57d , 58a , 59c , 60d

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