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1. Translocation t (2:8) (p12:q24) is associated with
C.T cell - ALL
D.Burkitt's Lymphoma

2. LUES MALIGNA is manifestation of
a)primary syphilis
b)secondary syphilis
c)tertiary syphilis
d)any stage

3. The finnish type of congenital nephrotic syndrome occurs due to genetic mutations affecting the following protein :-
a) podocin
b) alpha-actin
c) nephrin
d) cd2 activated protein

4. Most common cause of congenital nephrotic syndrome?
a.Denys-Drash syn
b.Finnish type of congenital NS
c.Nail patella syn
d.Frasier syn

5. 80yr asymptomatic man with total leucocyte count of 1lakh,with 80%lymphocytes, 20%PMC's. Most likely diagnosis:

6. Most common site of Morgagni Hernia?
A.Left anterior
B.Right posterior
C.Right anterior
D.Left posterior

7. Which anesthetic modality is to be avoided in sickle cell disease?
A. General anesthesia
B. Brachial plexus block
C. Intravenous regional anesthesia
D. Spinal anesthesia

8. The chances of having an unaffected baby, when both parents have achondroplasia, are:
A. 0%
B. 25%
C. 50%
D. 100%

9. Deoxygenated blood is not seen in
A. Pulmonary artery
B. Umbilical artery
C. Umbilical vein
D. Renal vein

10. All are seen in injury to common peroneal nerve except?
A. Loss of sensation over sole
B. Foot drop
C. Injury to neck of fibula
D. Loss of dorsiflexion of toe 

1d , 2b , 3c , 4b , 5c , 6c , 7c , 8b , 9c , 10a

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