0 FB Page MCQs (61-70)

61. Leucocytosis is seen in all except:
a. Brucellosis
b. Acute MI
c. Tyhoid
d. Diphtheria

62. Which of the following disorders has been shown to be genetically transmitted by single autosomal dominant genes :
a. Cataconic schizophrenia
b. Phenyl keronuria
c. Cretzfeldt-Jakob’s disease
d. Huntington’s disease

63. More sensitive indicator of thyroid insufficiency?
A) serumTSH
B ) serumT3
C) serumT4
D) serum iodine

64. Brushfield spots can be seen in?
a) lowe's syndrome
b) down's syndrome
c) patau syndrome
d) turner's syndrome

65. Bronze diabetes occurs due to overload of?
a) copper
b) iron
c) carotene
d) arsenic.

66. Salaam spells are seen in
a) infantile spasms
b) rolandic seizures
c) gtcs
d) absence seizure

67. Tomcat urine odor is seen in:
a)glutaric acidemia
b)isovaleric acidemia
c)phenyl ketonuria
d)multiple carboxylase deficiency

68. Gingival biopsy is useful in the diagnosis of :
a. Sarcoidosis
b. Amyloidosis
c. Histoplasmosis
d. Scury

69. “ Biphasic pattern” on histology is seen in which tumor:
a. Rhabdomyosarcoma
b. Synovial cell sarcoma
c. Osteosarcoma
d. Neurofibroma

70. The most important function of epitheliod cells in tuberculosis is :
a. Phagocytosis
b. Secretory
c. Antigenic
d. Healing

ANSWERS 61-70 :
61c , 62d , 63a , 64b , 65b , 66a , 67d , 68b , 69b , 70d

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