0 Medical one liners 171 - 180

171. Coast of california sign is seen in neurofibromatosis.

172. Hyppocampus and amygdala are very sensitive to hypoxia. Therefore if exposed to hypoxia, they die after 30 mins.

173. Among causes of neonatal seizures, Late onset hypocalcemia has best prognosis.

174. Sweaty feet odor : Glutaric acidemia type II , Isovaleric acidemia.
(Isovaleric acidemia also Cheesy odor)

175. MC cause of pancreatic calcifications - Chronic alcoholic pancreatitis.

176. MC complication after lens extraction in PHPV is vitreous hemorrhage.

177. Adenocarcinomas do not calcify.

178. Forgotten muscle of rotator cuff - Subscapularis.

179. Rett syndrome is characterized by Microcephaly.

180. Inferior border of orbit is formed by contribution from maxilla , palatine and zygomatic bones.

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