0 Medical one liners 161 - 170

161. Physiologically both hyperplasia and hypertrophy seen in lactating breast.

162. Balthazar score / CT severity index is used for Grading Acute Pancreatitis.

163. Physiological umbilical hernia can be seen in 1st trimester ( < 12wks ) and does not persist in 2nd trimester.

164. Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia is seen in both Rotor syndrome and Dubin–Johnson syndrome but DJS has Black pigmentation of liver.

165. Most radiosensitive layer of retina - Rods and cones.

166. Most radioresistant layer of retina - Ganglion cell layer.

167. Ocular dendritic cells have HLA 2.

168. Transport of ascorbic acid to lens is done by myoinositol.

169. In PCOD : E1 increases (because of peripheral conversion of androgens) but E2 is normal.

170. Severe pancreatitis is said to be present if there is necrosis within the pancreas. Hence it is also known as necrotizing pancreatitis.

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