4 A Vision and A Solution - Can we devote 10 mins to solve the mystery ?


Isnt it seen every year that medical students are confused which college/hospital to join ? Be it  DNB or MD/MS or Diploma ??

Just a simple solution. We all get some time to chat and use social networking platform for various purposes.

If everyone taking a seat , just pens down about the in and out of their respective college/instt/hosp. , then in ONE day a great deal of information can come out.

This vision just calls for 10 mins time of the person doing their respective course.

If anyone reading this feels that why should we bother , then please try to remember the time when you needed the same information. Your 10 mins can solve the problem of approx. 90,000 medical students in India every year.

This thought struck my mind as I got up at 3:15 AM because of a facebook message notification  on my mobile where a student asked " Sir , Is _______ hospital good "
Please comment if you feel you can/should help.

Author - DrAyushGoel

MedicoNotebook - Founder : DrShiviMudgal , Co-Founder : DrAyushGoel


  1. My Info -

    PG - DNB Radiodiagnosis at Dr.G.Vishwanathan Instt. of medical sciences, Trichy :

    Learning is good here. Not a hectic kind of case load but very friendly professor and consultants.
    Nice hands on ultrasonography and good exposure to neoplastic cases too.
    Little less exposure to antenatal scanning.

    Overall good. Difficulties that might occur include food and language (for north indian like me)
    Slowly I got used to and the passion for the branch doesnt let anything trouble :)

  2. If everyone starts thinking like you then our medical world will be so smooth and problem free. Hats off sir for an amazing idea. If people unite and come up to help then indeed it will be much less than a day to answer all the confusions.

  3. Very thoughtful but i think it has not reached to every pg student. I wish everyone looking at this shares it and help spread the word. Thanks a lot for your effort.

  4. hard to find people like you ! stay the same and keep helping us. thanks a lot.


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