0 Ligamentum teres hepatis

 Ligamentum teres hepatis 

  • Ligamentum teres hepatis is obliterated left umblical vein. (MCQ Point )
  • The umblical veins take oxygenated blood and join to the left and right branches of portal vein. (MCQ Point )
  • In embryo , normally , the right umblical vein completely disappears by about 8th week (intrauterine life) and only left umblical vein is present thereafter. ( can be remembered as "Left  is Left in body" (MCQ Point )
  • This left umbilical vein usually closes in <7days after birth, and forms round ligament of liver = ligamentum teres hepatis.
  • It results in the ligamentum teres joining to the left branch of the portal vein(MCQ Point )

Author : DrShiviMudgal

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