0 Esophageal ring

Site : Lower oesophagus.

 A-Ring = Lower esophageal muscular ring 
  • Mostly asymptomatic.
  • Symptoms if present : Dysphagia for both solids and liquids in absence of food impactions.
  • Situated few centimeters proximal to Schatzki's location (see below)

 B-Ring = Lower esophageal mucosal ring = Schatzki ring 
  • There is fibrous thickening in submucosa, it is symmetrical. Mucosa is normal histopathologically.
  • Most patients are asymptomatic.
  • Symptoms if present : Dysphagia, more for solids , and food impactions.
  • Has association with hiatus hernia
  • Seen in Lower oesophagus above diaphragm at Squamocolumner junction
  • Treatment : Balloon when needed.


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