2 Micro and Macrocephaly

Micro and Macrocephaly

Microcephaly : > 3 SD below mean

Macrocephaly : > 2 SD above mean

Newborn Head circumference - 35 cm , By 2year sge - it reaches 48cm (i.e 90% of adult head circumference is achieved in 2yr)

Other causes of Microcephaly :
  • Familial (AR)
  • Down's syndrome
  • Edward syndrome
  • PEM
  • HIE
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Fetal Alcohol syndrome
  • Fetal hydantoin syndrome

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  1. All the white matter diseases mentioned here are also called Leucodystrophies.
    And the one's among these leucodystrophies, with microcephaly can have normal head size too.

  2. Nice work. thank you


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