0 Medical One Liners 141 - 150

141. BP 120/80 is HTN in child <12yrs.

142. Sodium nitropuruside should not be given for >72hrs - else thiocynate toxicity will occur.

143. Sodium nitropuruside and Lineazolid are sensitive to light.

144. In PSVT , QRS is normal and P wave is either absent or inverted.

145. Wheeze/Rhonchi - whistling sound - means air trapped in bronchioles : Seen in
  • Asthma (Adults)
  • Bronchiolitis ( < 2year old )
146. Klinefelter syndrome is usually not be diagnosed until puberty.

147. NADPH oxidase deficient in chronic granulomatous disease of childhood.

148. Rhabdomyoma (benign cardiac tumor) is associated with tuberous sclerosis.

149. Type I thyroplasty is used for Medialization of cord.

150. Vitamin K dependent coagulation factors are
  • II
  • VII
  • IX
  • X
  • protein C and S

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