0 Kawasaki disease

Kawasaki disease 

Self limmiting acute vasculitis of unknown etiology.

Age : 6 months to 2 years

In 20-30% - leads to coronary artery aneurysm -- later MI

Diagnostic criteria

  1. Fever > 4days
  2. Changes in extremities - erythema , edema , desquamation
  3. B/L Conjunctivitis (not ass. with exudates)
  4. Polymorphous rash (Not vessicular)
  5. B/L cervical LN
  6. Changes in lips and oral cavity : Pharyngeal erythema , dry fissure , swollen lips , strawberry tongue , sand pepper rash.

Prevent Coronary complication : 
IV-Immunoglobulin 2g/Kg during acute phase
with Asprin - anti-inflammatory dose- 100mg/Kg/day (2wks)

if no aneurysm , then do echo every 3-6 months (because they can appear latter too)
if Aneurysm : Life long Asprin (Anti-thrombotic dose : 3-5 mg/Kg/day)

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