0 Medical One Liners 321 - 330

321. CT scan is most sensitive investigation to detect pulmonary nodule of  3mm or greater diameter.

322. Dysmyelinating disease with MR Spectroscopy showing markedly elevated NAA peak - Canavan disease.

323. In PET scan, 18-FDG accumulates in metabolically active cells as FDG -6-phosphate but it does not enter citric acid cycle.

324. Most accurate imaging technique for the staging of primary lung tumors - PET

325. Most common posterior fossa tumor in adult - Cerebellar metastases.

326. Most common primary posterior fossa tumor in adult - Hemangioblastoma.

327. Fishhook ureter = hockey stick ureter = J-shaped ureter, seen in : significant BPH.

328. S-shaped ureter : seen with retrocaval ureter.

329. Masaoka staging system is used for - thymomas.
Stage II and above - thymic carcinoma.

330. Chauffeur fractures = Hutchinson fractures = backfire fracture : intraarticular fracture of the radial styloid process.

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