0 Medical One Liners 231 - 240

231. Chief artery supplying breast - Lateral thoracic artery 

232. Wheel within a wheel and Bull’s eye lesion is seen in hepatic ultrasound of - Liver candidiasis.

233. Berger's hernia - hernia in Pouch of Douglas

234. Petit's hernia - hernia through Petit's triangle = inferior lumbar triangle

235. Grynfeltt's hernia - hernia through Grynfeltt-Lesshaft triangle =superior lumbar triangle.

236. During muscle contraction H zone disappears, width of I band reduced ,A band remains unchanged.

237. Maximum potassium ion concentration in Colonic Fluid.
        Maximum Potassium secretion is by saliva.

238. Gantzer's muscle is accessory belly of the flexor pollicis longus muscle.

239. Cella media index > 4 is normal

240. Distal part of the tendon of Adductor magnus detaches and becomes the medial collateral ligament (Tibial collateral ligament) of the knee.

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