0 Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA)

Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA)

Types :
  • Complete
  • With Communication
  • Corrected

1. Complete : has 2 circuits 
  • Oxygenated - Pulmonary circuit
  • Un-Oxygenated - Systemic circuit
Therefore O2 therapy will not help as there is no path for O2 to reach systemic circuit.
Hence the child dies without t/t in 1st wk of life due to Hypoxia

T/t - 
  • PGE1 infusion to keep Ductus open (i.e to keep PDA)
  • Emergency Surgery ( Create artificial ASD with balloon - Balloon atrial septostomy )
Definitive Surgery at later stage : Arterial Switch Surgery ( Jatene Procedure )

2. With Communication : 
  • With ASD - Small patent foramen ovale , Not helpful - hence cyanosis in 1st wk of life
  • With VSD and PDA - good mixing of blood , therefore only mild cyanosis at 6-12 months of life.

3. Corrected : Physiologically behaves Normal.

Ventriculo-Arterial disconcordance with Atrioventricular disconcordance (See the image below)
  • Ventriculo-Arterial disconcordance means - Aorta arise from RV ; PA arise from LV
  • AtrioVentricular dysconcordance means - Rt Arium opens into LV ; Lt Atrium opens into RV
Image Courtesy - DrAyushGoel

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