3 Intramedullary spinal cord lesions (important)

Q. Intramedullary spinal cord lesions are characterised by all except

a.Early bladder involvement

b.Dissociated sensory deficits

c.Sacral sparing

d.Root pains

answer: D--root pain...seen in extramedullary
intramedullary lesions like astrocytoma and ependymoma will not disturb the roots,
1.also these interfere with the crossing fibers of lat. spiothalmic tract and so will lead to loss of pain and temperature but the posterior column remains intact---thus Dissociated sensory deficits...
2.early bladder involvement is cuz the bladder contorl fibers are from intermidiate or lateral horn which again is in close proximity to intramedullary lesion
3.sacral sparing is cuz the sacral fibers are placed laterally in spinothalmic tracts...so these are affected by lesions from outside(extramedullary)
:--extramedullary lesions press the cord from outside so they will also disturb roots leading to root pain

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